Q. What does a simple website cost?

Design FAQ We can accommodate most budgets. Our prices can be a fixed amount or a monthly fee depending on your requirements.

If your finances are limited we can help you start small and grow your site over time.

Talk to us, our aim is to deliver your solution at a cost you will like.

Q. How long does it take to create a website?

Design FAQ   Basic websites will take a minimum of 1 month, sites including photography, crafted graphics, forms or slides will take a minimum of 2 months.

Q. What is the Payment Process?

Design FAQ   Payment Process – When the scope and price for the project is agreed, 50% of the agreed price will become due before commencement. The final 50% will be required when the client is happy with the completed site and it has been implemented. Implementation costs such as hosting fees will be paid by the client direct to the hosting provider. Any changes to the agreed scope will affect cost and timescales.

Q. What if I am not local?

Design FAQ   We are based in South East Queensland. There are many effective ways for us to communicate with each other. Most importantly we can set up a work in progress website for you to review and comment on. So whether or not you are a local we can achieve the result you need.

Q. Why does a website need maintenance?

Design FAQ   Websites are rarely static for very long. Managing change is a natural part of owning a website.

Change can occur in many forms:

  • Software versions continually update.
  • Business change needs to be reflected in your site.
  • Sites soon become stale or out of date.
  • Site design will need to keep pace with your competition.