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The One for Web can help you take that first step and get your business onto the web!

Who We Are

The One for Web offers website design services to small businesses in and around the Gold Coast of Queensland.  Getting established on the internet is increasingly a must have for all businesses.  Covid-19 and increased internet competition means that an on-line presence is a basic building block for even the smallest of businesses.  Thanks to great advances in design tools it is also  much easier to achieve.

Web Design however is still a specialist task.  The One for Web can free up business managers to focus on managing their business.

The One for Web Process

The One For Web process is outlined in the steps below:

Web DesignWe discuss and agree your requirements. We help you to visualise your website by showing you what is possible.

Web DesignWe work together on a plan to deliver your website that meets your needs within our resources.

Web DesignWe design and build your standard WordPress or Shopify eCommerce website according to what works best for you.

Web DesignWe integrate graphics or photographs into your site which can be sourced from the net or from your business.

Web DesignWe help you to implement your website on the web and provide free support for the first couple of months.

Web DesignWe are happy to discuss the ongoing management of your site for a fee that suits you.

Web DesignTo keep your management costs down we can show you how to update the content yourself.

Web DesignIf you have any questions check out our FAQs page or use our Contact Us page.

Web DesignReady to get started? We need some information to get the ball rolling, just chooseLet’s Get Started

    Website Design

    The design and build process will depend on whether a standard website or eCommerce website is required.

    We Can Create a Standard Website with WordPress

    Standard websites are a breeze with WordPress.  We enhance that process with Elementor a very dynamic plugin that keeps your costs down.

    All you have to do is identify another website (or two) that represent your style and we craft your website by choosing a WordPress Theme and some additional plugins.

    We do not provide Hosting but we can assist you to make the best choice of Hosting provider.

    We will be there with you to make sure your site launches to your satisfaction and will give you free support for the first couple of months.

    We offer ongoing support for a small fee if you need it.

    For more detail on how we can help check out ‘The One for Web Process. below.

    We Can Create an eCommerce Website with Shopify

    The eCommerce solution will be based on a Shopify theme.  Shopify provide everything needed to carry out eCommerce online including hosting.

    The One For Web has an affiliate link with Shopify that allows it to earn commission from future customers.

    Once you are happy with the final look and feel of your site there are just a few steps needed to implement it. For an overview of the whole process see ‘How The One for Web can help‘.

      Implement Website

      Implementing your Website is the exciting part of owning a Website.
      Taking that Step Up:

      Puts your business where it belongs on the World Wide Web!

      Your marketplace just got bigger. Marketing your business will now have a new dimension!

      Your business now has enhanced credibility!

      You will need a domain name (Web Address) – Your ‘WWW’ address on the web needs to be recognisable as your business and needs to be unique. When you have decided what it will be you will need to register it. Your registra will charge a small annual fee.

      The implementation process of your Website will be different for standard and eCommerce websites.

      Standard websites will need to employ a web host – You will need to contract a host to run your website which carries a small annual cost.  This will need to include a secure connection.

      Shopify based websites will have hosting and security already included paid for by a monthly charge.

      For an overview of the whole process see How The One for Web can help‘.

      Manage Website

      So you have designed your site and put it live, what else is there? We offer a service to help you with your ongoing management of change to your website.

      Your site is a reflection of your business which most likely will be a source of continuous content change. 

      Your site is based on the latest versions of software.  All good software adapts to the latest security, style and technology changes. 

      The theme your site is based on will also get upgraded. Often this will offer opportunities to take advantage of new features.  This will also include software ‘Plugins’ or apps which have been used to enhance functionality. 

      The design of your website does not need to remain the same. Over time you may wish to suggest changes to improve your position in the marketplace versus your competitors. 

      This may include Search Engine Optimisation which is about improving the choice of key words in your content to attract search engine customers.

      For an overview of the whole process see How The One for Web can help‘.

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